For a start up like rBux, educating AND raising awareness of the brand's entry into the marketplace were both key to getting stakeholder buy-in. The complex concept had to be simplified to the extreme, both visually and verbally, invoking a little Videa magic.

Bayer Contour Next USB

Bayer Contour Next USB

Canada Cares

Needing to create a unique brand look and voice, this Videa for Canada Cares cares and shares in a positive, innocent way that touches our hearts - the way it should.

Spark Lounge

Getting your community together and storming great ideas is where it's at, and Spark Lounge is the place. This Videa introduces a fresh look and style that brings the Spark Lounge concept to life.

Client Attraction

Entrepreneurs all want to play a bigger game, and with the help of Client Attraction and a game of chutes & ladders, they see how its possible.

Land Law

Watch Super LL (Land Law) Lawyer Jeff as he secures and maximizes the value of your land, using a proprietary 360˚ approach.


Being an entrepreneur can often feel like pushing a rock up a mountain, only to see it fall right back down again...ON YOU! Videa easily crystallizes how AdviCoach is the solution.


As a law firm representing policy holders, Childress powers the under dog by acting as the smart advisor and negotiator at the “casino” table.

Levin (Dental) Group

Great dentists aren't always great business people, but there is a way. Levin illustrates the 2 sides and shows dentists how to reach super hero status.


Health insurer to large construction companies, ACBG clearly differentiates themselves, revealing the outcome awaiting a “do nothing” organization.

Scheduling Institute

Even doctors need a little boost when driving their practice to the next level; a Videa boost! Gentlemen: Start your engines!

Our Story

One day, a client asked us to turn a sketch into a video. Of course we said yes, and promptly brainstormed how to explain a complex business concept in a short, simple and fun animation. We did it so well, that we attracted lots of folks with cool ideas. And Videa® was born.

What we do

It's called Videa® (vy-dea) for a reason: your IDEA brought to life in VIDEO animation. Using a unique combination of strategy, fun and animation, we turn your idea, product or service into a story first, and then a super simple video even a grade sixer can understand. We optimize it to play on your website, mobile device, in presentations or at conferences…anywhere there's a screen!

How we do it

The process is simple. We talk about your biz idea, agree on strategy and style, then execute as a script, storyboard and animation (you approve every stage). Your Videa® is born.

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